Affiliates and Merchants get two class action law suits filed against Commission Junction, BeFree and ValueClick on their behalf


The Affiliate marketing industry has had a change of events recently, as on the 20th April this year the centre of attention for lawsuits was drawn to Adware, the importance of this case should not be underestimated and has yet to be seen in the history of adware/spyware.

The lawsuits allege unfair practices on CJ/BF’s part because they have allowed operation of adware affiliates on their network, because of this they also find themselves facing breach of contract with negligence.

Through adware applications affiliates operating on the network have been able to commit fraudulent transactions and commission theft and it seems that CJ/BF has allowed this to happen.

The law suit seeks financial damages on both affiliate and merchants behalf’s.
ValueClick’s Adware and compliance corporate policy changes are sought in the law suit.


Maybe CJ will get it's sh1t

Maybe CJ will get it's sh1t together now.

Man, I have yet to find a program through them that performed. :(

Oh well, eventually adware will become a thing of the past - slowly, and expensively, it seems...


I havent used CJ, BF or VC for years. As soon as I figured out I was getting ripped off, I dropped them all like a bad habit.

This adware rip off crap has been going on for a very long time with these guys and they KNEW it was going on all along.

My, opinion is that the management of all these outfits was well aware that this thieving crap was going on and it sure seemed like the management of at least CJ had their hands in the till, so to speak.

I personally hope the law suit puts all three of them out of business... The WWW will be better off with a few less thieves.

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