Adsense Adjustments - Trouble?

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Click Adjustment Upward?
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So, according to Barry and the wmw'ers there have been some fairly dramatic adjustments to adsense clicks - upward would you believe :)

Makes me wonder what would cause this and if there is anything to worry about in regards to adsense's tracking...?


Seems to be very few and very little

The WMW thread shows only about a dozen reporting an upward adjustment after a day on the board.

My guess is that it effects very few people. Certainly I have had no adjustment to my figures, which have happily remained good for the month.

You usually find masses of "me to"'s on these threads if the effect had been major.

My conclusion is that there is little to the story.

Click Adjustments

As many of you are no doubt aware by now, an explanation has been sent out via email:

We would like to inform you that, due to a reporting delay,
your AdSense reports for the month of February have recently
been updated. This delay resulted in a portion of clicks and
earnings from the last few weeks being slow to appear in your
account. They have now been credited to the correct days, and
your reports and earnings will reflect the correct activity for
this period.

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