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SES NYC 28th March - 3rd February
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Barry reminds us that it's SES NYC next week - with Jerry Yang of Yahoo on keynote - so, are you going, and what do you expect to get out of this one?

Live Coverage
You can also pick up Barry's live coverage here - Feel free to say hi in this thread if you're at SES!


I'm letting this one pass. Danny didn't give me a table at the 'birds of a feather' dinner.

1) yes 2) good food and free

1) yes
2) good food and free parties

Health Permitting..

I'll be there - meeting friends in person (often for the first time) and banging the drum for the SMA-NA ;)

I would also never miss the networking opportunities and the great parties.

Oh, yeah - I might even attend a few seminars :D



First trip to NYC :)

networking, branding, potential clients, seeing friends, beer.

that's all I expect, but I hope to learn and debate theories over a few pints till early in the morning.

count me in

Still missing invitations for parties ... :( but count me in wherever I can get a drink and get the chance to talk to nice people.


That's the only reason why ANYONE SHOULD GO!!!

No sessions for me

But I will be hanging in the bar.

Don't have too far to travel

I am in NY at the moment so I am sure that, clients permitting, will be there. Be nyce to see pmac again and see if I have met any others of the above motley crew.


well - I do have to attend a couple but other than that I'll see ya in the bar :)

Of course...

But I have to cut the trip short--I need to be in Japan at the end of the week.

My sleep schedule is gonna be pretty messed up.


I too will be at the bar.

Should be there

Planning on being there 27th - the 2nd.
No Sessions.

it's a shame

It's local but I can't justify going right now... too much work to do and not enough obvious benefit right now? I'd be happy to meet n greet in the city during the conference, but not *at* the conference.

Flying to NY for booze

Weird eh...when I could use the money I paid for the ticket to get so much more at the local bar here :)

Cya guys!

Two from Cre8asite

Bill (Bragadocchio) and I (cre8pc) will be there. I would prefer to not get sloppy drunk, as I tend to tell too many stupid stories then, but I do want to have some girlie girl drinks with Mike Grehan.

SMA Meeting Time Confirmed

I'm pleased to announce that Jupiter Media has graciously confirmed that the SMA-NA has a room available during the NYC SES Conference:

"We will extend the Sutton Center meeting room at The NY Hilton during Search Engine Strategies to your organization on Wednesday evening, 2/2/05 at 6:30 PM until 7:30 PM. The room is set for 200 people. It is one of our seminar rooms so it will be decorated as such."

I have also been in contact with the other SMA's and they will try to be available to answer questions regarding SMA's for other areas of the world in addition to North America. I'll let them confirm actual availability for themselves.

I hope to meet any Threadwatch folk that will going. :)


Live Coverage

You can also pick up Barry's live coverage here - Feel free to say hi in this thread if you're at SES!

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