(The Domain Name) Sells For ???


From DomainTools, Mike Mann just announced the purchase of by WashingtonVC.

Interesting strategy...spend big $$$ on the top SEO domain name and, only after the purchase, go form a SEO company. Welcome to the Age of the Domainer.

As a point of reference, sold for $9.5 Million recently.

[update by Aaron: after speaking with Mike Mann about the purchase, I agreed to update this post, noting the $5 million posted in the original title was inaccurate. ]



because is just killing in the market place.

In this case (and in the

In this case (and in the case of it appears the asset is going to someone who won't leverage it very well.

That doesn't mean the asset isn't worth what it's worth though. In 5 years, 5 or 10M for $ is going to seem mighty cheap.

There is no eBay equivalent

There is no eBay equivalent in the SEO marketplace. People own certain ideas, but I don't think anyone owns the idea SEO the way Google owns search or eBay owns auctions. But the market is highly is going to take a lot more than a domain name to sell high end services. I think it might have had more value as a SEMPO clone (community lead generation site) maybe sold via a ServiceMagic model, with some news part and a directory of recommended tools to use to make the site look thicker than a lead generation site.

The domain name may have

The domain name may have helped before they got torched in Google. Yeah that's us. More sales? That too. Better ROI? You bet!

Web Targeted is now is a search engine optimization company located in Utah, offering services worldwide.

a search engine optimization company located in Utah

a search engine optimization company located in Utah

Where do I sign up?


They have a jobs section on their website, Founder. Are you in Utah?


Perhaps your question was tongue-in-cheek, but if you are in Utah maybe you'd like to do lunch sometime? It'd be nice to actually meet a TW'er in person sometime. Personally, I don't get to many conferences to meet people in the industry'd be nice to chat and chuckle with someone who deals with the same issues and interests :-)

looking for a job?

Search Engine Optimization Specialist @


* Bachelors degree or higher
* At least 3 years search engine optimization experience
* Understanding of search engine ranking algorithms
* Proven results with SEO
* Expert user of MS Office
* Strong communication skills – written and verbal
* Advanced HTML/CSS
* Project management experience


Ahh... They lost me at "Expert user of MS Office".

Oh dark day... I knew my distaste for M$ products would catch up with me one day...


No matter... would have to offer a lot more than they paid for the domain name to get me to move to Utah.

I got lost at the MS Office part as well

Our firm uses open office ... generally speaking I have no problem sending documents to the guys on the Windows Platform (we use linux desktops.. mostly Ubuntu).

The Vista box is collecting dust... we put the interns on it as a form of punishment :)



Makes me wonder just how many SEO types use M$ products.

I personally can't think of any that do.

Microsoft Office

I bet there are multiple potential buyers for in the $2million plus range. It doesn't really matter if it's good for SEO, does it?

I would have tried to run a lease program... lease for 5 years and build a business, then transition away to "FamousSEOFirm.tld" and move on. Anyone who couldn't build an independent brand in 5 years would be out of luck as the domain moved to someone else. I mean, who better than an SEO firm to know how to work under those conditions?

How many SEO firms could get their foundations set with a few years on that domain name? At some % to the domain owner under the lease deal... it could have been fun.

making easy money off the dumb

i have a lot of respect for domainers - essentially making easy money off of people so lazy, or so web-illiterate that they think that a domain that corresponds exactly to their search is the best spot to buy. a personal anecdote - a guy who lived next door to me - sharp, an engineer - felt that the best place to find and buy a mattress was on the first site he typed into the address bar, and these people are legion, so the money is there for the taking.

personally, i see as a fine play if you're a bottom-feeder. i.e., selling crap services to crap clients. the McDonalds of online marketing.

reminds me of a market for

personally, i see as a fine play if you're a bottom-feeder. i.e., selling crap services to crap clients. the McDonalds of online marketing.

reminds me of a market for lemons, but maybe they have another idea where they can provide/layer both automation and consulting. I believe WashingtonVC also backed Yield Software.


Does anyone besides me see the irony in an SEO firm spending so much on a type-in domain?


You have to laugh at all of these firms when the top result for SEO on Google is ....

Stora Enso Oyj is an integrated paper, packaging and forest products company, producing publication and fine paper, packaging board and wood products.

> the irony in an SEO firm spending so much on a type-in domain

Yes... but at the same time, I think the synergy between domaining, branding and SEO is too often ignored.

This comes at an interesting

This comes at an intereting time. My kid's old Montessori school has a domain name (a one-word domain) that I bought for them in '97. Someone has been courting them for the domain for years. I told the school owners to tell them that they might talk for $100k. Well, I got an email recently from the head of school telling me that he did just that and that they were willing to pay $100k!

For that much, for this school, that should be worth the bit of headache to go through the aging delay with a new domain. But if they didn't know better, they may have sold it for $10k. Now I wonder if I should have told him to hold out for a mil!


I believe WashingtonVC also backed Yield Software.

From their Brands page: Yield Software, an automated site optimization and advertising system;

Quote: Who uses MS

Who uses MS office?

I do. I fought Open Office for a long time before giving it up. I really tried to make it work because I absolutely hate MS.

Until Open office makes a "Text to columns" menu item that is worth a damn, I will continue to use Excel. Honestly, that is the only issue I have with Open Office. If they fixed that one little thing, I'd convert everything to it.

Bloggers posting invented agenda driven info

You all have no source for your "data" about the deal since no info was announced yet, so assume you have absolutely no idea what you are writing about, as is the case. It is true that WashingtonVC owns a great company called, otherwise give it a rest.
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I guess the "bottom feeder" comment must have hit close to home... ;-)

SEO is a very demanding domain name I must say and I think to purchase that domain lot of people fought harder. Domain name is important to attract visitors and to do SEO properly. Thanks. Tucson SEO


If you're trying to break into the SEO industry through spamming old posts here, doesn't really make you a favorite peer of us... just saying..

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