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Confirmation: Google's AutoLink created by Smart Tag Inventor
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The following downloads will stop the Google Autolink functionality. They will stop the Google Toolbar from altering your webpages and placing links to it's chosen partners.

Javascript Solutions

Thanks to Chris and Gurtie at Search Guild you can insert this script according to the instructions on your webpages to stop the Google Autolink functionality.

  • Autoblink download
    05/03 original javascript now updated to encorporate speed enhancement and option to rewrite Google links to include your own Amazon affiliate number rather than break them.
  • Autoblink Plus Disables the dropdown on the toolbar also - first version is recommended.

Server Side Solutions

Thanks to JasonD of Strange Logic you can also kill the Autolink functionality with both a Perl and PHP solution and thanks to ChrisGarrett and Edition3 for the ASP solutions.

Other Solutions

Thanks to spiderfood and Brad for the find!

If you develop further solutions, please email me at <nick -at-> or if you're a member, use the private msg system here and i will update the page with new and updated code accordingly.



Just wrote to Google at their consumer feedback page

I suppose Google needs our feedback to eventually get their bearings straight on this question so I just wrote the following to Google at and I suggest any webmaster interested send them also their own thoughts.


I believe that you should offer some op-out code like (meta name="GoogleAutolinkPreventParsing" content="TRUE") so that webmasters can prevent Google auto-link from functionning on their sites. Most websites anyway do not wish to permit 3d parties (Google or anybody else) to modify the content, or the presentation or any code on their websites, this is not a browser user decision it is a publisher decision, and the publisher has the legal responsibility and final control/word over his or her content.

I think this is really a line you cannot cross and I thank you as an organization for otherwise a remarkable leadership and service to the web.




PHP and Perl versions updated to V2 :)

getting the code on your site

for anyone running a site with html pages on a windows server there is inbuilt functionality to add a footer file - although obviously preferable to add the code using standard includes where possible.

Also I've just explained at SG how to use find and replace in a text editor to add the code to all pages at once. I don't think it needs repeating for you guys but if anyone reading this has arrived via a blog link and doesn't know how to do that it's on about page 10 of the SearchGuild thread :)

javascript updated

05/03 original javascript now updated to encorporate speed enhancement by DougalGuy (thanks :) ) and option to rewrite Google links to include your own Amazon affiliate number rather than break them added.


Ok guys, this one has got waaay big now, and we've probably said all we can say about code heh..

I will update the original post to ask people to pm me or email me (nick -at- with updates to code and new code.

Thanks everyone.

New Google Toolbar's Editing Capabilities

There seems to be a bit of controversy bubbling up about the new feature of the Google toolbar that allows it to edit any page on the web. Zeldman fans the flames with this:

To the delight of gadget freaks and the consternation of some web designer...

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