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Leaked Photos
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Jason points us to leaked photos of the upcoming Revenge of the Sith threadlinked above.

If you want the story to be a surprise, then do not follow the link! It pretty much details the entire story, complete with narrative...

Looks awesome :-)


I looked at the first couple

I looked at the first but it was just too much, wasn't interested, would rather see the movie.

glad it loaded so slowly, then I didn't see many ;)

I saw

I saw the whole page, but it didn't cover the movie comprehensively - only select areas. There's already been an unofficial teaser trailer released online which included scenes on the Wookie homeworld.

But thanks for the link. :)

Watched too much

and now I know too much. Spoiled it.

Good move you didn't jatar.

Hhnnnnng .. trying ... to ... stop ... myself

I spoiled the others looking at spoilers .. too much willpower required ... Nick, you git! ;O)

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