Ebay Vs Google Round 3 - Ding Ding


So after the recent spat between Google and Ebay, things do not seem to be getting anymore friendly.

It seems a couple of Googlers, or just guys in Google T-shirts were taken for a quiet chat with Ebays VP, followed by a quick escort out of the Ebay Live conference on Saturday.

Why? Well, for being a little to 'pro' Google checkout during the conference.


Good grief!

Is this Goo's most recent version of Reputation Management? Seldom read a story sounding that fishy, but unless they're totalled spaced out I'll assume it's more a case of concentrated half-truths than downright lies.

I thought it sounded off as

I thought it sounded off as well, there's a link to this found in the comments from the blog above: link


If this does turn out to be astroturfing the fallout is going to be huge

In case anybody else is wondering ...

urbandictionary definition of astroturfing (nsfw)

I'm going to guess that graywolf means definition 3 or 6

Urban dictionary

heh I love urban dictionary, but yes 3 and 6

Unfortunately it's a bit

Unfortunately it's a bit hard to prove. It's within the realm of possibility that there are Google-ites who would die a happy death to pay for a Google shirt to wear at a huge networking event rather than pay for a shirt with their own company's logo. Cafepress coulda done the trick in a pinch.

Not very impressive IMO and they didn't do Google any favors.

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