Newest Email Scam: 'The Hit-Man'


So we all know about the 419ers, the phishers, the pump-n-dumpers & everything in between. Well there's a new email scam out there and its a bit darker. From the FBI's website:

The scam e-mail, which first appeared in December, threatens to kill recipients if they do not pay the sender. It's a scam. FBI officials recommend you don't reply.

Has anyone received one of these yet?



Haven't heard about that one yet, I'm too busy sunning myself, working on the laptop, and drinking pina coladas down here in the Carribean, waiting for the bank transfer from the Bank of Nigeria.

Hitman Scam

I heard of this one some time ago and yes, you're right, it is quite dark and sisiniter.

I remember reading how it spooked a few people in the US enough that they jumped straight into their cars and went to their local police stations to seek refuge!

Hmmm...judging by the writing...

I'd say it was written by one of the Nigerian scammers, too. ;)

Luckily, to insulate myself from just such situations, I have no friends. I even suspect my dogs are trying to kill me the way they run between my legs on the stairs - buggers...

SH1T!!! I just realized it! My dogs are Nigerian scammers! Oh, the horror...

We've similar Nigerian

We've similar Nigerian scammers make death threats before.

If you're short on time, here's just some of the photos: Seriously scary . :)

this isn't a scam...

I've paid each time and I'm still kickin

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