Microsoft Spam Tech to Fight HIV

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Microsoft Anti-Spam Tech to Fight HIV
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Quite amazing really, but fairly obvious when you hear it explained:

Microsoft Researchers have found another use for the anti-spam technology that keeps inboxes junk-free: developing vaccines for HIV.

With the same software techniques traditionally used to analyze databases and track spam, medical researchers can find hidden patterns in millions of HIV strains and create improved vaccine designs. The genetic patterns are necessary to train a patient's immune system to fight the deadly virus.

Microsoft scientists David Heckerman and Nebojsa Jojic were the first to pioneer the medical uses of anti-spam software. They have joined up with doctors and scientists from the University of Washington and Australia's Royal Perth Hospital to build more potent vaccines based on the data gathered by Microsoft's technologies.

With all the M$ bashing that seems so unavoidable these days (and im regularly to blame :-) It's nice to see Microsoft doing something worthy of a little positive news for a change...