Yahoo and Ebay to merge


rumours are a foot : that Yahoo and Ebay are to merge.

The big thing here for Yahoo is that
a) they get a massive user base
b) Paypal

and for Ebay they get search and paypal buttons.

so could Yahoo and Ebay pull the rug from under Google ?



Wow, throw in the rumored

Wow, throw in the rumored MySpace deal and Y! is the 800 lb. Gorilla.

Auctions, Online Payments, Social Networking.

Plug in AV as search provider and its pretty much over.

Missing question mark?

Dave, me'thinks that title seriously needs a question mark... ;)

I don't buy it. OK, it seems

I don't buy it. OK, it seems to make sense on paper, but you'd have to integrate some pretty big companies, and I don't think it'd be a quick or pretty process. In the meantime, G would continue to make out like bandits, and might well render the result irrelevant

Well, eBay and Yahoo are

Well, eBay and Yahoo are working together in some capacity, since YPN recently announced that they will send publisher payments via PayPal.

Still not a fair fight

Putting two people with IQ's of 70 in a room does not equal a genius with an IQ of 140

Someone tell Yahoo that when people search they don't want a flash ad with Brittany Spears on it.

It's a concept Google figured out, Yahoo didn't.

plenty of pie - pie getting bigger

Zoli Erdos has a recent post Tuesday about what I've been thinking in this area - I've been involved with Google versus Microsoft, but this play is the same dynamic. It's not a zero-sum game, one doesn't have to lose for another to win.

The global network is getting bigger, and the network effect is enriching everything on it. Google's running a lot of plays that reflect somewhat inevitable innovations - G is ahead in the innovation arena, and they have market weight to carry a lot of the new things into established mainstream usage. This works for all the players.

So it's not a case of growing Yahoo big enough to "beat" Google - never gonna happen. It's a case of who are the better players in each of the segments, and does G take a space by innovating that space, or does it lose to more able competitors after it's opened that space for everybody?

long game

It doesn't seem a rumour, as

It doesn't seem a rumour, as much as one person's opinion that it might occur.

IMO the big thing Yahoo! needs to do is sort out its publisher network to generate the revenues to allow for adventurous business deals.


Good combination; skip Myspace

I think YHOO an EBAY make a good match, given their past histories and desires for the future. Imagine a setting where Yahoo's expansive network of content is matched up with eBay ads and paypal capabilities -- this makes Aaron's WSJ purchase ideal more feasible too. As for Mysapce? They don't need it.


Yahoo needs clear

Yahoo needs clear vision.

They need to figure out what in the hell they are, and what they want to do well, and then make plans to do it.

Google's goal: "Organize the world's information"

Then they did all they could to make that happen. (Not saying they accomplished it, but they had ONE BIG goal in mind.)

Try to find out what the purpose of Yahoo is, and you won't find anything.

Yahoo does currently have 6 'values' that don't say a damn thing about what they do:

I've been shopping on ebay

I've been shopping on ebay for the past month as a research project and can't see the value any more.

Since the retail world adopted all these fine-print value options (like grey market discounts, refurb product warranties, extended warranties, authorized dealer restrictions, age-based planned obsolescence, use-based planned obsolescence) it seems ebay sellers are monetizing buyer ignorance and not market opportunities. The system seems to encourage that as well.

And now with anonymous bids for items over a few hundred bucks, you can't make claims of shill bidding with any certainty. I guess thats how they fixed that problem.

So yeah, probably a good time to cash out if the trade is good enough. Easier than competing with CL and all the thousands of local classifieds coming online every week?

Will Yahoo! offer to overpay a ton for ebay?

it seems ebay sellers are

it seems ebay sellers are monetizing buyer ignorance and not market opportunities. The system seems to encourage that as well.

I totally agree. eBay is the bonus ringtone offer site of everything retail.

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