Human Search + SEO is Spam


More confusion about SEO, this time from NYT:

All of the links listed in Mahalo send the user to Web pages that contain
genuine content, not sales pitches in disguise. By using its own editors as
the final arbiters of what goes in, Mahalo cuts off access in its listings
to Web sites that confuse a search engine's algorithm with advertorials that
commingle advertisements with noncommercial information. To those in the
trade, outsmarting the algorithm is called "search engine optimization." For
the rest of us, it produces Web pages littered with spam.

So according to NYT SEO = Spam.

More big PR for Mahalo, too.


they are a bunch of assholes...

How else could you explain this comment from the NYT, about why they bought has built a long standing institutional knowledge in building pages that are easily read by the spiders the search engines use to build their databases.

None of the "spammers" that the NYT write about have these shitty spiderbait pages either

SEO = SEO Spam to the Media

It would certainly be nice if the media would be so kind as to differentiate SEO with SEO Spam, but it doesn't sell newspapers to do that.

Back to square one

Kind of a 90s flashback, isn't it? Only at that time it was the search engine reps themselves who touted it.

Next, we'll probably find the NYT explaining the power of meta tags, duh.

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