Search business mirroring TV industry?

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Search Market reflects TV industry of 25 years ago
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Brad's comment on MSN in another thread reminded me of an article I came across last night, addressing the same things he and Danny Sullivan were saying.
In the Mediaweek article above, JupiterResearch's report is summed up in an easily digestible form.

The search engine business is in a similar situation than that of the TV business roughly 25 years ago and will continue to follow a similar pattern [...] Refer to a TV marketplace once dominated by three major networks morphing into one consisting of hundreds of narrowly-defined cable networks.

The report, titled Vertical Search: Early Marketers Will Reap Rewards of Low Pricing, also finds that paid search spending in the U.S. is concentrated among just four categories -- retail, financial services, media& entertainment and travel, which in total accounted for 79 percent of paid search in 2004.

and so on. While I'm sure the report is somewhere on the JupiterResearch site (paid or otherwise), a cursory glance couldn't find it.