Gator Exec joins federal privacy committee

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Gator CPO at the Department of Homeland Security
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An executive at Claria, whom recently went under the rebranding knife after so unbelievably destroying the Gator name, has been appointed to join a new federal privacy board.

Gator, infamous for its software, [will be] sadly familiar to many frustrated Web surfers, who have been surprised to discover it mysteriously installed on their desktops serving them extra helpings of ads.

Nuala O'Connor Kelly, the department's chief privacy officer, said of the claria appointment:

"I am proud of, supportive of and grateful for those individuals in the public and private sector who are willing to take on the hard tasks, fight the good fight, and who surprise us with creative, fresh and unconventional thinking, and who make change where change is needed through their hard work and personal dedication,"

The threadlink will give you your slashdot fix on the subject, for more in depth articles on it, see Salon and CNet's write-ups on the whole shebang.



I suppose he'd know quite a bit about it, but still...

Fox Guarding the Henhouse

Are they sure they want to let Gator/Claria people even in the building?

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