eBay in Shill Bidding Scandal

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eBay plays down 'shill' bidding allegations
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If true this is well dodgy, would they really do this and think they would not get caught?

Giant auction site eBay is being sued for allegedly using "shill" bidding against its own customers to force up prices and increase the fees it's able to charge.


sue first - ask second

a company with a user base as big as Ebay's is bound to find one member who is too stupid to manage their bids and also has a sue first ask second mentality

I reckon he’ll drop the law suit just as soon as that Nigerian business man deposits the $1,000,000 into his back account.


Nice one GerBot. I wonder if he gets lots of calls from his 'bank' asking for his pin .. :O) (You never know though, could be a real issue, would be easy way to increase profits!)

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