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Sneaky Microsoft Patch
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If you weren't extra careful during the Feb 8th windows update your default homepage may have been reset.

Here's what seems to have happened to your computers. On Feb. 8, as part of a huge batch of Windows security updates, Microsoft released a patch for a "critical" vulnerability in MSN Messenger that could allow hostile code to be hidden in an image. Within a couple of days, information on how to exploit the vulnerability was circulating on the Internet, and Microsoft decided it needed to take further, more drastic action to protect Messenger users. So it made installation of the patch mandatory.

However, Microsoft went a bit further than was strictly necessary. During the course of installing of the update, the user is offered several options unrelated to security, one of which is "Make MSN My Home Page." It is checked by default. So if you don't pay close attention -- and you should always pay close attention to these options when doing any sort of installation -- the next time you start IE, your home page will have changed. This is perilously close to the browser hijacking that's a characteristic of many spyware programs.


MSN Search

Could that be a little sneaky move to get more folks using msn search?

Tish tish MS, that's pretty low...

With autolinks and things lik

With autolinks and things like this seems like the search engines themselves are going black hat ;-)

Not new

They've been doing that with the past few updates.

Kinda sad when you have to *trick* people to make you their home page.


Who bothers? I don't need their updates as long as I'm not slaved to IE.... and as long as I have my other mega-layers of protection in place.

Matter of fact, I'm still "SP2-less". And I plan to stay that way, clear up until I move to linux in the next few months.

It's a too up M$ or G

WTF is this. Let’s see who can be the biggest corporate tosser week!

This comes as no suprise

M$ are the kings of the forced update tactic.

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