Advanced LInk Aquisition Methods & Privacy

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The Right way to Count Links?
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WMW mod and SEW member DaveN talks about ways to count backlinks, filter results for viable and valuable potential link aquisitions and some advanced methods for scoping out sites without attracting the attention of Goolge through use of the dreaded toolbar.

I've had to wait a while whilst this thread developed but bethabernathy got a little more than she bargained for (as did the rest of us) when she asked a simple question about counting backlinks.

Thankyou DaveN, superb discussion filled with things to make and do :-) - here's a couple of quotes to give you an idea of what's in this one:

the way i do it, is spider the first 1000 results, then collect all the larger sites and remove them in the spider query and spider again then build a database

collect all the page rank of all the pages then run them throw a IP checker remove all the Urls from the same Class C and then start at the top in PR order..

and start requesting links

well i have not used toolbar since I became a mod at wmw, I reckon that google would soon pick up on forum urls That where private ... like the backrooms.. once they had found those from toolbar data my days would be numbered... so we developed a pagerank extactor that ran Via proxies and always checked an extra 80% of domains that i did not need...

Later I join a partnership with some computer hardware suppliers to always install the ISP dial-up that I own with the Googletool install and yes you guessed it they all go through my Proxies ... just to put up a larger smoke screen..