Tumblr Tops Facebook for Teens


It's probably a bit early to start chiseling Facebook's tombstone, but according to a Mediapost report Tumblr is actually used more than Facebook by 10th graders. 

"Tan used Survata to poll 546 teens ages 13-18 and 492 young adults ages 19-25 about their social media usage. Tan found that while 55% of the younger age group said they use Facebook, 61% said they use Tumblr. Meanwhile 22% said they use Twitter, 21% use Instagram, and 13% use Snapchat."

From More Teens Use Tumblr than Facebook.

That number is very surprising to me - I had no idea that Tumblr was getting that kind of teen traction. Twitter use in that demographic seems to be increasing, too.


This Google Trend graph is

This Google Trend graph is interesting, shows how much "tumbler" queries have grown recently. I predict Facebook usage will decrease over time (if the market doesn't kill them first). Do kids really want to belong to the same community as their parents? (and soon grandparents!)

If they were sensible they would take a long-term perspective, buy up the intagrams, tumblrs but instead of merging them into Facebook, they would leave their communities to grow and develop. One day in the not-to-distant future, Facebook is definitely not going to be cool, they could then move company resource (and allow user data transfer) to another platform. If they handled it well they would be dictating this process, think HBO tv series production.

I had no idea Tumblr was so

I had no idea Tumblr was so huge. I was never able to find time to figure it...

I guess it also varies by

I guess it also varies by country. In Europe, everybody tends to use Facebook more than anything, especially in countries like Romania or Lithuania, from what I've seen. But I don't really have the stats for this, just my observation.

Uncool Parents

You make a good point, Nick. Teens generally avoid being seen with their parents when possible and reject whatever music, brands, etc. their parents favor. I've heard a similar comment about iPhones. As cool as Apple products are, if Mom and Dad both have iPhones maybe a slick Samsung phone is even better.  That's an issue that will no doubt bedevil Facebook unless it can become an infrastructure play with different communities.

Interesting point, and got to

Interesting point, and got to admit I've noticed a lot of the younger people I know using Tumbler.

Add FB to that graph, though, and it's still on the rise and diminishes everything else:


Btw, I thought LiveJournal had already died in all but name?

not so big in Asia

Tumblr in general isn't so big in the largest Asian markets. http://www.appappeal.com/maps/tumblr

Although FB is growing it had a late start here. The teen trend is stll skewed toward non-FB SNS.

fast and shallow...

Tumblr is for cat photos on lightening steroids flashing past the eye at a million a minute (perhaps I exaggerate slightly...) and thats just what teens are looking for. No thinking, just consuming.

OK, some of them think, but they still want somewhere where they can just look at the shiny.

Combined with the above 'the old people are on fb', and yeah, tumblr has a strong place in the life of the average teen.

(but it chews bandwidth badly! The usage graph shows a difference between when our teen is home and when she's not and its measurable in gigs! A bit of diagnosis shows its tumblr...)

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