Search Engines Create Self Regulating Body

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Voluntary Self-Control for Multimedia Service Providers
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German search engines band together to protect the German young!

In Berlin today the search engine providers Google, Lycos Europe, MSN Deutschland, AOL Deutschland, Yahoo, T-Online and t-info announced the creation of a self-regulatory organization under the umbrella of the "Voluntary Self-Control for Multimedia Service Providers" (FSM). According to Thomas Dominikowski of Lycos the first major common project would aim at automating the filtering out of URLs on the index of Germany's Federal Department for Media Harmful to Young Persons (BPJM). The URLs on the index will be placed on a server, which will allow the search engines to access them in a software-protected fashion for the sake comparing the entries on the index with the items on their lists. In accordance with the codex signed by the search engine providers this process must guarantee that links cannot be publish or disseminated in any other way, the FSMĀ“s managing director, Ms. Sabine Frank, explains