Rhys Wynne Shows that you should JFDI.


Rhys is an SEO that codes. He codes so well he created the well known plugin, WP EMail Capture that many people use, but that's an aside. What is much more interesting is how Rhys got up and JFDI.

For those that don't know, JFDI is an acronym for "Just Fucking Do It" - Rhys posted on his blog, explaining that in a drunken stupor, while contemplating the impending Mayan end of the world that he would JFDI. This enabled him to have his largest sales day.Rhys said, 

So that’s how I had my most successful day with WP Email Capture. It was a combination of alcohol fuelled inspiration, an hour’s graft, and being the right place at the right time.

I am sure that having an end of the world apocolypse isn't an every day opportunity to capitalise upon but as Rhys says about not having a stellar day 

If you don’t though, don’t worry. It’s not the end of the world.

Rhys' JFDI post is availalable at his blog 


Fuck me, NO!! Anyone who

Fuck me, NO!!

Anyone who makes four sales in a day, thinks this is a great success, and the blogs about their inspiring marketing insight, should be dragged into the streets and proverbially shot!Of course, the problem was that he used real figures instead of proclaiming a 400% increase in sales. Most marketers know their stats are full of BS , which is why they almost always use hide them with percentages.

I much rather not

if you dont mind

I think your being a bit unfair brian, I take it you hit the ground running when you first set up online did you ?

we all have to start somewhere and normally its at the bottom with zero in sales, having 4 sales is better than a kick in the bollocks ;)

No one, but no one, gets

No one, but no one, gets bragging rights for making a handful of sales. This is THREADWATCH. This is where the serious webmasters, SEOs, and internet marketers hang out.

This is not the Diddleswick Business Forum, where the internet is some new fangled thing and making any sale online is considered an achievement!! :D

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