A PM option at Threadwatch? Plus other suggestions?


{Update: The PM option is back but feel free to suggest other features you'd like to see here!}

Let's also discuss what else Threadwatch needs after the re-launch!


Says my browser (Firefox

Says my browser (Firefox 17.0.1) doesn't support iframes. That's news to me. :)

ADDED: But I voted.

There used to be PMs on TW -

There used to be PMs on TW - killing them is a crime.


I saw the same thing, so killed the embedded code. I guess that's something to do with Drupal :)

We can all reach each other elsewhere, no?

I was guessing that's what TW is about really: people who know each other from elsewhere...



Doesn't seem really necessary...

but I'm not opposed to it. If I want to get in touch with someone, I generally use Skype or email. If I don't know them well enough to have them in my contacts already, I probably oughtn't to be bothering them anyway. :P


I don't mean to sound the

I don't mean to sound the resident cynic, but feck me, what's going on here?? You ALL know what TW's reputation used to be. The site already has minimal usability. And now you're asking whether you should bother with standard usability features it used to have??

I mean, come on - I know there are people running TW that come from WMW, which has never seen code from this side of the 21st century, but please let's have a little common sense!  :)

PM should be on, pre mod on

PM should be on, pre mod on comments (for authorised and confirmed users - as there is [ironicly] a very bad spam problem here) should be off so that real time communication and discussion can occur.

Thats as a minimum :)

I see TW more like...

...an RSS feed nowadays. Sorta like SERoundTable but with commenters most of which I know better and respect more.

If TW is aspiring to become more than that, it needs some DRASTICAL changes a.s.a.p. (and a PM option is not top of the list IMHO).

Prio #1a would be to hunt for a Drupal 'guru'

Prio #1b would be to hunt for a decent Drupal->anything converter.

Altho I must say TW sorta works as a simple text blog.


Good work, Jason. :)

Good work, Jason. :)

Wit, what changes do you

Wit, what changes do you think are needed?

TW was a community

It depends on what you envision TW to be. If it is an aggregator then it might not need PMs.  But if it is being rebuilt as a community, then PM's are expected and required.


Well, for starters...

...we'd need my prio 1a and 1b fixes.

But after that, TW should get a makeover. As a side project mind you.

What's really important:

- if TW wants to have threaded comments (which is implied because the option is there) then it/we should ditch the 'quick reply box' at the bottom

- if TW wants to rub shoulders with the current bigwigs a-commenting on current affairs, then we should more heavily interlink (but in a good way)

- if TW wants to be the be-all-end-all of search trend spotters, then lots of people (mostly current editors maybe) should be given an incentive to spot trends. Right now, mainly our resident spamcanboy JD is making an effort. Mind you I think he's great and I've learned a lot from him here and there, but if all TW can do is list his new topics, then I'd rather subscribe to his RSS instead.

- if TW wants to have loads of people contributing again, it needs more controversy. Unless we've all grown tired of online bitching in which case it's a lost cause.

I know full well that it's early days, but please know that people like to 'bitch' about things and in the early days there used to be lots of preliminary bitching (in UK English so it sorta looked posh) and then we'd all chime in.

- Like th3core, TW needs an invitation-only admission policy. TW is/was popular enough to get lots of attention. And I won't pretend to be a prototype 'quality contributor' but at least I'm not a numpty spammer. Get at least one regular to vouch for a newbie.

.....Just throwing things out in the open here...

Like th3core / invitation-only

Not sure TW and th3core will serve the same purpose.  And you had the same policies, why have both sites?

Hm, @ Adam C

Good question :-)

need to be careful

I think having a member "vouch" for someone might be a good idea, but I think if it were made invitation only, TW might get a reputation as elitist, which could hurt.

Retain the raw, wild west image

The harshness is what made the original TW a must visit property. IMO if it can’t be said in public then it shouldn’t be allowed.

Hear hear everyone.IM(not

Hear hear everyone.IM(not so)HO make everything as open as possible and immediate as possible. The only time something shouldn't be said is when it's illegal to say it!


I'm not so sure the original TW was that harsh, but members were not afraid to call BS on whatever FUD Google was spewing at the moment and generally said what they thought about a lot of SEO industry trends without a lot of pussy footing around.

A Like button!

LOL, I know, sounds ridiculous, but hey...I'm used to being able to click a Like button, or a Plus button, or a Favorites button to quickly give a thumbs up to a post. When one doesn't exist, I get momentarily confused. And really, it's cruel to confuse an old lady like that! ;)

PMs are back!

We are keeping list of the other suggestions for future updates

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