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Bye bye Top-pile - Pedlers of SALSA and top4clicks cease trading
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UPDATED by Nick: We've now been sent what appears to be an email sent out to clients by CEO Paddy Bolger - I cannot guaruntee it's authenticity, but the source is reliable and it looks like the real deal to me:

It is with great regret that I have to inform you that Ltd
has no alternative but to cease trading with immediate effect. It is
intended to place the company into voluntary liquidation immediately
aftera shareholders meeting in 3 weeks time.

This situation has arisen as a result of very poor trading in the last
12 months, which in turn was primarily caused by the probelms we have
encountered with search engines during that time.

Our problems began with the SALSA system in February, 2004. In the
month prior to that we achieved record traffic through the SALSA system
of over 90,000 visitors per day and client satisfaction was at an
all-time high. Then in February we lost approximately half of our
positions in Google and traffic dropped to about 50,000 visitors per
day. We spent the following month conducting extensive analysis of the
Google changes and trying to understand why one half of the SALSA sites
had disappeared and the other half were still performing. This exercise
became academic when, in mid-March 2004, we lost the remaining
positions in Google and traffic dropped to 15,000 visitors per day.

The situation was worsened by the fact that Yahoo had just launched a
new index and search engine and we had yet to feature prominently in it
and inktomi's abandonment of Paid Inclusion meant that we were also
suffering in MSN.

There is much more, but i wont bore you with all of it..


It appears that SEO company Top Pile have ceased trading. I've Just been sent this from Safe Buy (

In a previous newletter we published this input from a member:

"I signed up with Top Pile for their Salsa system back in March and my guru reports thus. The approach these guys are taking is to mainly add the keyphrases as a page to their own website []. They have got a link on a links page but there are another 100 sites on the same page so PR benefit is very minimal. Google may or may not pick up on this practice at some point and disapprove."

At 13.30 today we received the information that Top Pile had ceased trading. Here's a bit of their statement:

"...from November onwards Google's algorithms appeared to shift and the directories started gradually

The closure affects top-pile Submit, SALSA, top4clicks and all other Top Pile services.

So thank you to the member with the original warning and thank you to the member who just informed us of this situation.

Your input on any 'dodgy' operations is worth sharing!

Kind regards,

The SafeBuy Newsletter Team

In my opinion this is no great loss the industry.


Is that text published anywhe

Is that text published anywhere on their site? I know some people who'd love to see it.

No it's not, the Safe Buy web

No it's not, the Safe Buy website is pretty rubbish. I expect news to break somwhere else soon.

Bang goe an SES sponsor

On the list of sponsors ...but I doubt the loss of one sponsor out of that lot will make much difference to the financial sucess of the event

Paddy Bulger (MD of top pile)

Paddy Bulger (MD of top pile) was one of the guys behind the SMA UK organisation as well.


See the top post for the update...


It is a shame that Top Pile, have disappeared, they made every effort to remain at the forefront of this industry sector, but unfortunately this was not enough.

I remember the old days with Salsa, and how successful it was for those who made use of it, but this was short lived.

Top Pile tried to retain their client banks allegiance by initiating a flat rate pay per click campaign using portal directory sites. This had a reasonably successful result but it took a hit with Google’s new algorithms that were launched in December 2004. Google obviously is trying to ban portal directory advertising, as they feel this is lost revenue for their ad words campaign.

The only way to succeed is to work with the systems in place and not try to break convention, preventing one from being singled out as a target.


Welcome to Threadwatch seoguru, do introduce yourself

Do you / did you work for top-pile?

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