Europe Experiences Routing Troubles


There seems to be a routing problem for the whole of the UK at the moment. I guess this cuold also include the rest of Europe as Telehouse is the main hub for cross transatlantic communications.

Some traffic to certain parts of the US is not making it but the same requests sent from within the US are.



I received an alert earlier that there was a network problem at the NAC in New York, and that's on one of the biggest jumping off points to Europe. So sounds like an interesting day for the networks. No alert received from Telehouse, though. :(

wierd routing

yep I'm getting some strange strange routes but I can see everything in the US that I've tried.

Temporary work around is now

Temporary work around is now happening at Telehouse sending traffic to Belgium and picking up Qwest and Telia peering there.

It's slooooooowwww and horrible but hopefully the networking geeks are on it'

Routing problem in Spain too

I have had that problem with the US for an hour or so from Spain

When you live in Spain you sort of get used to problems like this