Making the link building spammers dance...


If you get enough time, that's the conversation you may engage in with people who invite you buy a PR1 link for $1:The SEO Spammers and the Google Dance

I am still hoping that the guy was kidding as well. Otherwise I'd feel sorry for him...



OMG! That is insanely awesome! I'm howling over here! This made the yucky weather day so much better! ROTFLMAO!!!

Awesome indeed but ...

The main story line was indeed quite incredible.  However the debate that has now developed on the ethics of having fun at the expense of somewhat naive SEO 'experts' and spammers is what is even more awesome.  Storm in a teacup I say.

Some people!

It never ceases to amaze me how some people will try to find justification for the actions of folks that prey on others. The fact that the guy was a spammer and a liar never even sinks in.

Painting the intended victim as the bad guy might be carrying the whole empathy thing a bit too far.

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