So what's the word?

Are we back or not? is fantomaster here?


Back :)

We are definitely back but not yet well-organized. We either have too many stories or none. Most users seem to be watching what is going to happen before submitting stories.

didn't even know "back" was an option....

until just now.  i did not know that jim had resurrected Threadwatch!  couldn't be happier!

So what do we do now...

... compete at munching popcorn? :)

Fantomaster = the prrof that we are live!

Ok, what a relief, fantomaster is here, so we are actually and officially live from now on :)


Great, I'm finally happier :)


Lots of good names listed under "Current Threadwatch Editors", nice to have another spot to chill at and contribute to. Also nice to see my old login works.


I'm glad Fantomaster is here!

Less noise, more signal is old-skool cool. I hope people love the idea that I'm resurrecting another fine old resource we used to hang out in too. Everything got so noisy for like, the last ten years. Enough already. I for one think that more sane convo comes from heavily moderated threads with a healthy dose of flame retardent and barbed wire wrangling the trolls. Take the power back, why don't you?

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