The New face of "Find" - Google -v- Facebook -v- Amazon -v- ???


So here we are, watching the clocks tick away to Facebook's mega announcement. There is less than 30 minutes to go and I for one think that Facebook will announce they will be launching a search engine.

But who else will lead the "find economy of the 10's" rather than the "search economy of the 00's" ?You may ask, "Jason, WTF are you talking about? Search and find are synonyms for each other.." and I would answer....

"Yup they are but historically search means find and then jump off site to consume the information. I believe we are moving to the find economy where you want to discover and instead of jumping to a 3rd partner site are delivered it there and then.. on site... in a portal....

Yup, a portal... the dreaded word from the 90s but instead of the 90s "deliver everything to everyone in once place" I feel we are almost at the levels of 3 distinct and specific vertical search engines.

Amazon is the defacto product search engine out there. It delivers and delivers well. Quite simply, if you want a physical product Amazon (or via one of Amazon's partners) stocks it and will deliver it next day. A9 is more than up for this task and does it well.

Google is the information engine. They claimed the mantle all that time ago and have kept it since. If Amazon own the physical prodduct space then these guys own the "virtual product space" Whether it be a vacation, a credit card, car insurance any other "thing" then Google wins time and time ago. As we move forward, if it can be delivered digitally I would put a £, $ and a € on Google to deliver.

But Facebook.... how can FB deliver and win?Entertainment dear sir... Fun.... Enjoyment.... 

Whether it be sex, planting crops, playing poker or simply chatting with pals then FB owns the space. I believe that FB moving into virtualised products or physical products will fail but pure play entertainment, the place where most of us (and most of the world) spend all their disposal income is where Facebook will lead.

It's now less than 20 minutes before we find out if I am right or not but to me the bigger question is who and how is the 4th competitor, a player in the "find & deliver economy", going to compete and carve their space?I'd love to hear your thoughts.....


Live blogging from WSJ

Live blogging from WSJ - looks likely ....

Thanks Diane.

Thanks Diane.

Not impressed

Their social graph is valuable but I still don't think Facebook have the capacity to turn that into the money-making machine that the market (and their investors) are demanding. The searches they mention are interesting, not to users, but to marketers who would love to target better. However a technically immature advertising system riddled with issues, paired with their disregard for advertisers using it, is simply turning people off. If I was an investor, I'd like to see them resolve that core business. With Adwords making up ~98% of Google's revenue, everything else is just fluff.

Looks like the market agrees - Facebook Shares Dip Below $30 Again, As Graph Search Fails To Convince Investors

My pleasure. :)

My pleasure. :)

Facebook Graph Search - Suck it. Suck it hard.

So here's the thing, guys, I am in the worst position possible to speak intelligently about how Facebook "doing stuff" or "launching products" impacts the Facebook universe.  Because I don't give a shit.

I hate FB at a primal level because I believe it's an engine for people to actively avoid talking about the things that they actually care about in their lives.  If I take a picture of myself photo-bombing the graduate at my friend's graduation, and post it on FB, that becomes the topic of conversation, not that I fucked up my own college career.

So, having FB Graph Search as a new utility doesn't change anything at a macro level.  It simply gives the people who were already fully bought-in to the FB ecosystem new tools to be more incestuous with.

This is not a new set of ideas.

Arguments about social search

Arguments about social search not working aside, FB does not equal search.

It is not what defines FB.

I think the company will end up stuck in the same malaise as Google - seen as a one product company. And for FB that's social.

Google is massive billion dollar multinational with massive cash reserves and some of the brightest minds on the market and massive market reach. Yet Google has never been able to evolve past being "just a search engine". Do I really need to list all those Google products that the company released over the years and have never gained significant market share with, precisely because Google is "just search" in the minds of users?



Not impressed

I'm not impressed with Facebook's efforts to innovate... I doubt they have the talent, commitment or leadership to make the Earth shake... much less all three.

Brian, while I agree that Google has stepped in enough puddles to justify some doubts of their ability to branch out (believe me, I've been as skeptical as you), I think they may be breaking out of that "just search" mold with G+ and communities... time will tell.

At the end of the day, of course, I think their prime motivation isn't to be a major player in social - it's to spin a tighter web, linking together even more data that will support their ad-centric model.

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