How long would it take to remove your traces from Google?


There's an interesting story (tweeted by @fantomaster) on how is trying to completely remove his own records from Google.

gaYou see, I'm leaving Google, in toto -- meaning in every single possible personal way. What you're reading is the first seven days in the attempt, which is ongoing.

If you live in the modern world, leaving Google is both heresy and damn difficult to do. My primary motivation is that I don't believe Google's privacy protection claims. But you should know I cannot know the truth of its claims; I simply don't trust them. I was raised to be skeptical.

I've known many link builders who would never import link building campaign to Google Docs because Google will "see" it. Or use Gmail for the same reason, but is there really a way to hide yourself from Google nowadays?





ok where did I leave... tinfoil hat?

Not in this lifetime

I doubt you can even erase yourself from Google's web, once you've had a presence there. They may let you delete accounts, but the tracks you left behind are in sand, they were cast in concrete.

I think the more productive approach (one which an alarming percentage of users don't seem to grasp) is to simply not allow anything to appear ANYWHERE that could pose a potential problem/embarrassment.

If it's already out there, you might as well just live with it.

Arrest records

A friend of mine has an arrest record from years back that Google picked up from a local search in Florida.  She's since started over and it kils her to see that come up on searches for her name.  It's public records info and she feels she can't get it removed.  I'm not sure I can help her.  What do people do in cases like this?

Arrest records

Kim, I think the only viable approach in your friend's case is to outrank that negative result with other positive results. A good SEO/ORM consultant should be able to do that for them.

Has nothing to SEO

That's the kick in the pants with her.  She has no website or presence other than a Facebook page.  She lays low and has a pretty private life.  Hasn't helped her with job hunting.  It sucks. I've known her my whole life and its hard to watch someone you care about being beat up by invasive search engines.

Bury the bad stuff

Kim, I think some aggressive social media activity might be able to push that down, at least. Maybe a couple of pages back... at least then, the visibility would be greatly lessened.

I'd suggest she get a G+ profile, among others, and start posting her head off...

I'd say that's really her only alternative


I hear you.  My husband and I are reporting the images we see in Google as inappropriate but we're only 2 people.  She's my life long best friend who has been through much in this life but was arrested for loitering, hence the record and the horrible pictures (I think she was drunk at the time).  A bad time years ago.  She's not really computer literate so I don't think G+ will be an option for her but I can try.  I did tell her to tag any flattering pics on FB.

She's the victim of, a site I'd love to write about and destroy.  They prey on people who have had a mug shot, for whatever reason, and you're guilty the moment that pic is taken and available to the public record.  Mugshots makes you pay $$ to have it removed.  She's not in a position to pay that money (I haven't checked to see how much it is yet.)  But the whole idea being that mugshots site is disgusting.

Real shame.  She's never hurt a soul in her life and gets pounded by this.  



I took a look at, Kim... unpublish 1 arrest including mugshot(s) - $399.00scumbags, but not much that can be done about it.A shame about your friend. Unfortunately, FB is not a great site to affect the SERPs. Does she belong to any forums or other social sites that might show up in the index?

Gotta Wreck Them

"Bad Kimmy" (my favorite evil other self) has it in for Mugshots.  What a freaking unethical gig!  I'll check with her on your ideas.  It really sucks.  She used to have her own business down there in Florida and was featured in a newspaper article but the link was removed awhile ago.  Thanks for you help!

been done...

Kim, I seem to recall a group trying to raise a public outcry against those creeps a few years ago, to no avail. However, if you've a mind to, I think a handful of people could possibly push your friends dirty laundry down in the SERPs. Let me know, I'd be glad to help.

Thumbs Up

Thanks Doc!

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