Handbags at 40 Paces - Ed Lewis and PhillC Duke it Out

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I've been watching a film so excuse my absense this evening :) I must say though, that it wasn't half as entertaining as the as yet unmoderated cat fight between pageoneresults and PhillC over at SEW tonight...

You'll have to scroll past the first few messages on the page.

Here's my take:

  • Phil took a careful swipe at Edward for unknown reasons
  • Edward took a swipe back but not so carefully
  • Phil calls him out on it
  • Edwards puts his foot in it
  • Jill gets in the way, presumably over past differences with Phil that have no bearing on the current fracas
  • Phil ends up looking a bit silly, but Edward looks worse

What fun eh?

What were you guys thinking? heh..



After reading that thread I'm still chuckling.

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