Microsoft identifies Firefox as Spyware [hoax?]

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MS roots out firefox spyware.
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Seems like M$ is taking a shot at Firefox by indentifying the rival browser as Spyware in it's Anti-Spyware software Beta. See the screenshot here.

Reminds me of when they changed the way the Hotmail pages worked a few hours after Opera released a new version of it's rival browser. Dirty tactics seem the norm no?

If anyone can find a good news link to the opera fiasco, please drop it in the comments - i couldn't :( - thanks slashdot


Not for me is doesn't

Think I would be careful on this one until you get more confirmation.

I have both AdAware and M$ products. M$ runs every night, and hasn't picked up Firefox yet as spyware!

Same here, no problem (yet)...

...but of course I have the MOOX M3 version of FF.

Definitely fake

Just look at the text in that screenshot: "may be vulnerable to a lack of security updates" and "should be removed immediately as to prevent harm".

Americans don't write like that. Neither do any Brits I know. This was written by a non-English speaker.

folks at k5 are

pretty much laughing at it. like the onion announcing there's a bug in the internet? or was /. hoodwinked like AP and the cody action figure?

Methinks this is fake.

Good catch querty.

In Holland they did block ..

Recently there was the case in Holland. The Beta version of Microsoft's Anti-Spyware Software identified as spyware, more specifically as a 'browser hijacker'. This resulted in surfers, which had as their start page, getting the suggestion to make their start page. threatened to go to court and Microsoft caved in, paid the costs of the laywers and changed their "Beta" version., by the way is the most visited website in Holland. (see also,3800003100,39128162,00.htm)

So whether Firefox is labeled spyware or not (something I cannot check as I don't use MS Anti-Spyware) it might be more than just a hypothetical.

It's obviously fake

I have Microsoft's Anitispyware on my box as well as FireFox and it has never displayed this message. I've gotta say that that screen shot is pretty dang funny though ;)

"should be removed immediately as to prevent harm"

That's classic!

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