Nominet Sue Registrar for Defamation

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Nominet, the controllers and registry of the .UK domain name are suing a registrar for defamation. The content in question can be found at I'll let you make your own decisions as to its validity of not.

A statement from Nominet reads..


It is with regret that we have today issued formal legal proceedings in the High Court against Graeme Wingate and his company That Internet Limited for publication of defamatory content. We are seeking an injunction to remove this content and prevent its publication in future.While we are entirely comfortable with legitimate protest about Nominet's actions or proposals, there are assertions about Nominet and our CEO published on the and sites that are untrue and defamatory.The Board is united in its view that harassment and victimisation of our staff is unacceptable, and that Nominet should take appropriate action to support staff and protect our reputation.We have written to Mr Wingate and That Internet Limited to inform them that we have been advised that some of their content is defamatory, but our attempts to encourage them to remove the content, discuss the matter or enter into mediation have been rejected.If you have any questions please contact our customer services team on 01865 332233 or by email to


This all started with Nominet's new proposals for .UK

These can be summerised as:

1) Only UK based organisations will be able to register .uk names. / The legalities of this are highly questionable... 2) At instant 800% increase in cost to the UK public who are buying these domain names, will be higher when registrars add their margins. 3) Current owners will not be offered the rights to obtain the equivelant domain names on the .uk level. Huge confusion and brand hijacking will cost existing businesses extra to defend. 4) Added security DNSEC, this is said to be the reason for the extra costs. Industry insiders say the cost of this is minimal (around .50p per name per year) and nothing like the cost needed to justify an 800% increase in costs, others argue it is not needed at all due to browsers major browsers having this already in place.

That doesn't answer the argument why nominet will be declaring the, etc effectively unsafe places for the public to use. They can't argue that we need it on one hand and then not on the other... It defies logic.

With the battle for against the .UK extension proposal seemingly lost, it seems the group has turned on Ms. Lesley Cowley, Nominet CEO. to get her removed.

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