Disavow Tool Works?


I am a large scale sceptic. It's not clear that the disavow tool was the actual cause of the penalty being lifted if you look at the timeline. He did a lot of other work. 


bit of a sales pitch too :-)



Yeah, it works

We've seen around 15 major sites that had been wiped out that are now back to previous ranking levels using the disavow tool. It does work but only if you have a good process for finding the bad links. The only reason people fail to recover is because they don't put the right links into the tool.

Pretty much every week for the past few months we have had somebody on the searchmetrics winners list as a result of this tool. It amazes me that some still are sceptical about it but I suppose we were until we tried it out.

But are you doing cleanup work first?

I think one of the big arguing points is that you can't just disavow links with a manual penalty or penguin hit site. You first have to show that you tried to take down bad links through outreach and actually get a certian % removed. Then you need to disavow whats left and in the case of a manual penalty, submit a reinclusion request. So patrickaltoft would you weigh in on the process that you went through with these 15 major sites? 

here you go

I don't like link dropping but all our recovery information & a few case studies are written up by our Head of Search on his blog here and here

We tend to do cleanup first and remove the easier to remove links (sidebars etc) and then do a reconsideration request yes. There are no secrets, just hard work to manually review thousands of domains. We have 60,000 domains on a blacklist so that helps with the analysis process.


Good article... Takeaway (google doesn't read all RR's)

The most interesting part of the article you linked to is that people are stating that Google doesn't read reconsideration requests. Matt Cutts said 100% are read (even if they get an automated response) here

It seemed like the main point for not getting a manuel review was that webmasters were tracking the documents that were included in the reconsideration request and the stats show that no one looked at the document. 

Seems like clarification from Google is needed. Do they look at linked documents in Reconsideration Requests. Do you need a certain % removed before a RR gets a manuel review? Or does your site need to be a certain size or well known?


I currently have a document

I currently have a document that triggers contact with me upon someone thinking about looking at it :-)

I'll let you know. 

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