WordPress.org Bullying Open Source Developers


WordPress.org has long been against themes that haven't been licensed under the GPL. So much so that Founder Matt Mullenweg once got into a rather public arguement with Thesis creator, Chris Pearson. Then it was an fight over Pearson not adhering to the GPL. Now Mullenweg is going after developers that use the GPL for WordPress code, and tradional copyright for supporting elements such as CSS and images.

Jake Caputo writes,

"After I received my ‘notice’ I was invited to chat with Matt Mullenweg about the situation via Skype. His answer:

That sucks.

Matt explained why things are the way they are and why he/they won’t budge on principles. In the end, the conversation had no answers.

Jake: So in my shoes, what would you do?

Matt: as I said earlier, it’s a sucky situation

Jake: But in the short term, the answer is that I just don’t participate and hope for the best?

Matt: I have forgone profit for principles many times and been lucky pretty much every time, but not everyone always is and I can’t speak to other people’s backgrounds or obligations"


Yes thats right....

thats who I quoted

What's really awesome about this

is that Wordpress itself has not been 100% GPL compliant for years now. I just checked, and what I wrote about this back in 2011 is still true:




Actually, I think they made

@mvandemar Actually, I think they made the sources available here: http://code.trac.wordpress.org/browser/wordpress-sources

So the choice is earn a load

So the choice is earn a load of money or go to a conference?



It's not enough though

@cory - the licesning restrictions for the GPL specify very clearly that the source has to be offered from the same place as the distribution, not that people have to go searching for it. Additionally, the fact that they have violated the licenses for years means they have zero room to bully others, even if they fixed it completely 100% today.



PHP is plain text...the source is in the download

@mvandemar, php is plain text, and WordPress doesn't encyrpt their code.....hence the source is available when you download WordPress.

@joehall, the code we are

@joehall, the code we are talking about is not PHP

Oh I see, but still...

@mvandemar Oh I see, but still, HTML and CSS is plain text as well, and is included in the download.

That is good. The tech scene

That is good. The tech scene needs more people with integrity on FOSS, like Matt Mullenweg and Richard Stallman.

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