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AutoLink Toolbar feature looks like SmartTags
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Deep into wmw's anti Autolink thread we see ThatAdamGuy, aka Adam Lasnik getting a kickin' for being a G$$gle spy.

Very funny indeed:

GoogleGuy, ThatAdamGuy, co-incidence? I find the latest post to be very suspicious.
And if not the same Guy, with my apologies to the former, then perhaps the latter is simply looking for a job with the Orwellian-style "Dept. of Mis-Information" at G$ or works there already?

"I know that Google actually reads all of their feedback"

How can ThatAdamGuy "know" that? And who would say such a thing that way except for someone connected or trying to be connected to the never-ceasing-to-be-evil G$?

I also suspect that that Guy is deliberately trying to incite a flame battle, too -- which should probably get him removed from the forum altogether.

Well, i can tell you for a fact that he is NOT "GoogleGuy" - though why i would continue to keep him unnamed is beyond me, respect works both ways mate..

As for Adam, well, he certainly wants to be on the G$ payroll I have no doubt, but im pretty certain he is not. What's interesting though, other than a little mud slinging, is that the AutoLink feature has the webmaster community who, strangely enough, also happen to be Google users, so inflamed that they're attacking anything that moves...

Google, your behaving like Idiots. Don't make me come over there...



who do you mean?

I assume the person you suggest could be unnamed is 'ThatAdamGuy' and not 'GoogleGuy'?
pretty sure I know the answer but it'd make the thread a winner if I'm wrong :)


I meant GG :)

ThatAdamGuy is Adam Lasnik, a personable enough chap, but sticking out a bit like a sore thumb in recent conversations and getting a pounding over at wmw as the boys and girls over there let their suspicions get the better of them heh..


GG would get you a lot of publicity (which is nice) but other than that probably not do you any favours. Better to tell me and let me do it >;O)

Not really "wmw members"

Of course, we're not talking about all wmw members, just MultiMan - who is wmw's anti-Google pet troll. Trouble is, trolls aren't what they used to be, and MultiMan is too blatant to get through. However, it's nice to see a vague glimmer of troll talent showing with his string of meandering, incoherent posts in that thread!

Not gonna happen chris

i was "just sayin'"...


The offers still there if you want to confide. Get it off your chest, you will feel better ;O)


googleguy --- TheAdamguy hmmm
multiman --- everyman hmmmmmmmm

where does it end

DaveN --- ???????N HMMMMMMMMM


a personable enough chap, but sticking out a bit like a sore...

Er, I think that's a reasonable assessement :D

For the record, you can see what I'm up to (hint: it's not working for Google, nor am I likely to work for Google in the future). And yeah, I think I'm gonna pick less controversial ways to make friends on message forums from now on :). Personally, I have pretty thick skin, and I think it's funny that anyone'd think tight-lipped Google would think it smart to have an employee repeatedly running off his mouth (er, fingers) and pissing Webmasters off... but hey, I've seen stranger conspiracy theories.

Seriously, though, I don't like the idea of a company (any company) getting "blamed" for me, so I hope this quashes the rumors pretty darn good :).

P.S. -- In one of my most recent postings on WMW, I couldn't help myself, and thanked Multiman for giving me the (super-secret!!!) Google feedback e-mail address... letting him know that, thanks to him, I was able to send them positive feedback about autolinks. :D Bad, thatadamguy, bad boy!

Oh, and okay, one more thing. How do I "know" that Google actually reads their feedback? Because a friend of mine is one o' those crazy blokes over there who spends most of his day reading feedback notes sent to one of Google's departments... and while he's pretty much as tight-lipped as the rest of my Google friends, he's noted more than once that he (and others at Google) really *DO* read every frickin' one of the bazillion e-mails that Google receives.

Aw, dang. The conspiracy was much more fun, though, wasn't it?

Yup, but you can compensate...

...by adding one of the "testimonials" above to your site - LOL

FWIW - I installed the G-TB 3.0 today - on average it rocks.

"I installed the G-TB 3.0 today - on average it rocks."

...and here's some irony: I don't even USE the dang toolbar now (I simply installed it and played with it for a while). I'm a Firefox guy, through and through. :)


...that's why I waited so long. I installed it at work, because I can't install FF over there.

Rest assured people, I promise I won't buy any Amazon books found via the Autolinks, and will hit the back button every time.

Question remains who's the real mole... BTW - look at your lawn: that can never be accomplished by just the one mole :-)

A post too far, and its gone.

That thread has been given a thorough cleaning out and locked now - pity,it was really entertaining, and did pose an interesting question as to how much the big companies are using covert posting to push their products.

Apart from the removal of the "outing" of ThatAdamGuy (As a Google plant) by Multiman, also removed was a post by Multiman asking why they could not have interesting discussions on WMW like he found at TW.

Multiman, Everyman, who are you here ??

thorough? that's masterly understatement

I'm sure that was on 16 pages and now it's on 12! (sorry, I still get surprised by stuff like that). It's actually a more entertaining read now since if you don't know what's been taken out it makes no sense at all by about page 10 and by the end you're convinced they're all raving :)


...I've momentarily forgotten GG's name. I wonder if bribery improves the memory? LOL

I guess I've missed all the fun, now that the post has been given the ol' WMW "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil" sanitizing treatment. :-(

However, I don't think it's possible for ThatAdamGuy to be officially affiliated with Google anyhow. He's entirely too willing to stand by his beliefs and opinions to the point of risking unpopularity to be a smarmy PR slut like GG. (That's PR in the 'old-skool' context...)

"a smarmy PR slut like GG."

Seem to have had a few runs in with him, mivox :-)

But there is a serious point here about how the big corporations are catching on to how the web works. And are now doing PR in a less obvious way than having GG or similar tout their companies wares.

In a bizarre sort of way we spam their businesses, and they spam SEO forums. We all feed off each other

The trick is spotting them. The really good ones are darned difficult to spot, as it is difficult to determine whether a poster is a PR mole, or merely incompetant/personable like Adam. Does Mark Jen work for M$ PR department (or a PR company), for example. There has been a guy from AdBrite doing it in a way that got past WMW scrutiny for weeks.

Nick manages to swat most of them here, but I bet there are still a few reading this and laughing their socks off!

Been standard advice

Since as long as I can recall people have been advised to boost their company and url wherever they can and "post on topic in newsgroups and discussion forums" so hardly suprising, it's only when people post in unnatural ways that they become noticeable .. defending Google autlink for example ;O)

people have been advised to boost their company..

True, but if I use a military analogy, it has always been accepted that to fight for your country you put on a uniform and go out there and do your thing.

Spies on the other hand, have always been viewed differently, if they were caught they would be shot, or at best given a really good kicking!

No run-ins w/GG here...

...that's my opinion of the PR industry as a whole. And anyone who works in PR who denies it is, IMNSHO, deluded. ;-)

I'm also not saying GG does a *bad* job... I mean c'mon, he's got every newbie at WMW eating out of his hand, begging to be blessed by his posts, and Brett playing along like he's on G's payroll too. GG does a damn GOOD job, if you ask me.

I used to work at a TV station and when one of our anchors quit to be a PR guy for an oil industry corporation, I called him a whore and a sell-out to his face forever after.

To his credit, he'd laugh, shrug, and say something like, "Yeah, yeah... But I'm a well-paid whore."

PR sluts are great

but good PR sluts don't go awol when they shit hits the fan, they stick around and mitigate the losses - if GG had said 10 days ago "ok well we appreciate your concerns and I'll look into it but it is only beta and we probably won't make changes for a few weeks..hands are tied....blurb blurb" then probably we'd have given them enough space so they'd have managed to sneak it through.

>>I'm sure that was on 16 pages and now it's on 12!

hmmm, strangely back to 17 this morning :)

Great, so I'm a bad PR slut.

Um... this is like ping pong here. I'm a Google employee, I'm not a Google employee. I'm good PR, I'm bad PR. I'm incompetent... but personable?! :D

As long as we settle on:
1) I'm NOT a Google employee.
2) I believe in what I say. I didn't start fights here just to be a twit, though in the end, I admit that perception matters.
3) I either don't give a whit about being popular or I just made a crappy entrance here or both...


I didn't mean anything bad about you Adam. ;-) You just seem like you're expressing your own opinions with enough personal conviction that you couldn't possibly be working PR for Google.

NickW is being funded by google

How else could Nick live in Scandanavia, a very expensive place, and do nothing else than sit around in his underpants all day.

He can direct a post in anyway he wants.


[quote] How else could Nick

How else could Nick live in Scandanavia, a very expensive place, and do nothing else than sit around in his underpants all day.

OK....that is a picture in my head I didn't need. ;)

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