Next up on the Search Auction Block: Crystal Semantics!

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Crystal Semantics Granted Patent for World's First Sense Engine
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Back at the beginning of December we reported on Crystal Semantics new "sense engine". A technology for deciphering the sense of a word. This from the press release:

The technology enables the correct senses of words to be determined -- for example, determining the sense of the word 'depression' in relation to economics as opposed to 'depression' in the context of mental health. The patent outlines a structure where a database containing a 'plurality of terms' is used to define the placements of information within logical categories. The 'plurality of terms' along with the taxonomy of all the associated words are used to define and uniquely classify the particular subject. In everyday language, the words and senses of a dictionary are being associated with the knowledge categories of an encyclopedia.

I'd say that with all the recent Search buys, and rumours of buys i'd not be too surprised to see them in one of the big boys shopping carts before long.

What a mad race Search has become eh? Makes you wonder where it will all end...