Links in Press Releases Don't Count: Or do they?


A while back, Matt Cutts declared that links in press releases don't help rankings. Some SEO tested it and found that he was able to rank Matt's own blog for a fictitious word using only a press release. I bet the original press release link doesn't count, but the links on sites that syndicated the press release counts. Some history of all this is over here.


Idiot. Why do so many SEO's

Idiot. Why do so many SEO's like waving red rags at Google to show them how to make life harder for themselves? If you find a sweet spot, keep it quiet while it works!

You're right

You're right, Brian Turner. Really. By coming out with this, 'm sure hi site is going to get all sorts of scrutiny by Google.


that's not precisely what Matt said, Bill. What he said was that he "wouldn't expect links from press release web sites to benefit your rankings". I think we all know that a backlink in a PR sitting on PRWeb isn't worth much - but if that PR gets picked up by the NYT, it's a different story. As for seoconsult's "test", I call bullshit. I see it as a classic case of confusing correlation with causation. The fact that they grossly misquoted Matt (they're in good company... so, apparently, did MOST of the industry) just makes it worse.

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