Facebook Graph Search Privacy Shocker


Now that users have started to get access to the beta search function, the fun has just begun...


Of course the serious question here is privacy

I'm not convinced that users are prepared for what Graph Search is about to make public, or savvy enough to have set their privacy options up. Even in my office, where you would assume digital media people would know better, one person thought you had to opt-in to this new search function. There are going to be some embarrassments when these search results are made public, to quote a few from that website, "Current employers of people who like Racism", “Spouses of married people who like [cheat-on-your-partner dating site] Ashley Madison” or “Married people who like Prostitutes …[show] these people’s spouses”.

I know many of these 'likes' are ironic or an in-joke between social groups but are they ready to explain these associations to the wider world? Further to this, how could Facebook possibly move to being a LinkedIN clone when people's personal/professional personas clash to such an obvious degree?

The real problem is

The real problem is Facebook's choice of word 'Like' - I know y'all know this, but most times, people aren't 'liking' the page, they are expressing an interest in it. So, for example, people who 'Like' Focus on the Family and Neil Patrick Harris are probably interested in one and keeping an eye on what the other is up to. The insinuation is hypocrisy. The reality is probably worse, but less interesting.

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