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Announcing the Yahoo! Search Developer Network and Search Web Services
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The Yahoo! team's Jeremy Zawodny announces the new Yahoo! Search Developer Network.

This has certainly been a long time coming and i know im just itching to find some time to play around with it. Google has long had an API, but it's very limited. The Yahoo! offering, whilst still limited (why?) looks to be a step forward...

The YSDN is a full fledged community including:

5000 Queries a Day!

This is great news for developers, the Google API only allows 1000 and as such is very limiting.

You can use your 5000 queries a day to interact with:

Of particular interest to me is the ability to query Yahoo News. This presumably means that adding current news items relating to a page should be very easy - very nice indeed!

Nice job Yahoo!


Glad you like it!

I'm really interested in seeing what people build.


we are onto already Jeremy, will post up some results for you soon :)


Hey Jeremy,

Hey Jeremy, I need a higher limit than 1000/day -seriously.

Tap! Tap! Tap! (Crap, I hate it when SES is going on.)

Rc you are in luck

The limit is 5k per day

I'm an idiot


Does this make life easy for people autocreating content?

People can do api calls at yahoo and put up pages in google?



Local api is limited to 1000.
see bottom of page:

In local, I need 5k for a start.


What is the difference between 5K and 1K - i mean, where will i be limited to 1K?

Also, Tara is Happy!

hat noise you heard coming from the east coast was my cheering for Yahoo's new Developer Network and API,

It's a complete bastard that it uses REST though, i'd prolly not have found time to tinker even if it used SOAP but at least i'd not have to learn a whole new protocol to play with it...

How hard would it be to put a SOAP thingy in there aswell Jeremy, Tim?

soap rest

REST is actually easier to grasp than SOAP, imho. SOAP is too much effort for too little action - it's far too complicated for what you can do with the G API in the first place. Btw. didya know that you can run SOAP directly from within WinXP Pro - i found out yesterday.

Anyway, this is about Y! and not G, so here's a nice one liner for you perlophiles out there:

perl -MCPAN -e 'install Yahoo::Search'

The difference is if you have

The difference is if you have traffic that wants to use it. I'm not purposely coding in a possibe script error message on my sites.

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