Google Is Building A New *Secret* Wireless Network


Google recently applied for an experimental license from the FCC to "test up to 50 base stations and 200 user devices [...] Base stations will be indoors and outdoors, with the range of each 100-200 meters, and 500-1000 meters, respectively. Both directional and non-directional antennas will be used. The experiment is to take place within a two-mile radius, so this is a quite dense network, which could have very high capacity for carrying data."

But the really weird thing, is apparently Google has requested that the details of the project be kept secret. And the FCC seems to not mind! Full article here.



Blast from the past

I remember Nick posted something about this back in 2007:

Then again, rumours of a Google OS were years in the making.


Deploying wifi is probably cheaper than the Google Fiber project.

My guess would be it's a prototype of a high bandwidth city-wide wifi system.

Wouldn't surprise me at all if they have plans to offer wireless connectivity for any android device and start cutting out phone companies, cable companies, end goal to sell more units, more apps, more streaming media, more services and ultimately more ads.

Not to mention Google maps, navigation and Google cars would probably perform at an optimum within their own specially designed network.

Skynet baby steps.

Good guess

You may very well be right, Bill. Or, maybe it's something entirely new and exciting - and you can bet, profitable. ;)

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