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Sony Ericsson’s W800c and W800i Walkman cellphones
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Well, i've been talking about mobile killing the iPod for a long time, though im hardly the only one. Now we see Sony Ericsson launching two "Walkman phones" - not the iPod killer i think, but pretty cool nonetheless...

Engadget has all the details of course:

Sony Ericsson announced the first two Walkman cellphones, the W800i and the W800c. Both are tri-band GSM/GPRS phones that come with built-in music playback software, dedicated control buttons, 38MB of internal memory



Whilst it's pretty nice and all I wouldn't trade my pink mini iPod for the world. ;)

Not the only one

Samsung's D500 has 96MB memory, will store various file types, and the ability to play MP3's.

My brothers Nokia (can't remember the model) has been playing him Mp3's for the last year, though I think it's only got about 16MB storage.

With how much storage, and how cheap some of the small devices can be these days, yeah, it's only going to be a matter of time before people's MP3 players are just another function of their phone.

Nice as the iRiver player I've got is, I'd rather only carry one device around :)

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