Brightcove - The Future of IP Video?

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BrightCove, the new IP Video platform
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Om Malik reports on Jeremy Allaire's new IP Video project Brightcove

Jeremy is the guy behind ColdFusion of course, and his new venture sounds exciting: As opposed to TiVo and Akimbo, Brightcove will not be going the hardware route to IP video, but rather, a software platform to span many, many devices:

Instead of developing a hardware platform, the company will base everything it does on open standards, and will essentially be a software platform that will run on any kind of device - Microsoft Media Centers to TiVo to connected DVD players. In other words, he is gunning for a market that is the super nova of consumer-acquired devices.

Om goes on to point out that this is not an option for large broadcasters, but rather for video bloggers and short film makers.