How to use Gmail as a Personal File Server

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HOW-TO: Use your Gmail account as a personal file server
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From enGadget comes this neat looking way of using your Gmail account as a personal file server:

This is a fairly simple and useful trick to score yourself a gigabyte’s worth of free online file storage. If you already have a Gmail account, you can use it as a central file server that is accessible from anywhere you can access Gmail.

but wait! I guess enGadget, Jason Calacanis of Weblogs Inc is just beginning to realize how tenuous his "relationship" with G$ is:

Be advised that this trick is completely unsupported by the Google folk and so may cease functioning at any time — particularly following upgrades to the Gmail service. As far as we know this isn’t illegal (we actually read the EULA for you — that’s love, people), but we can’t guarantee Google won’t go all RIAA on us and crack down on this app, either, so use at your own risk.

Yep, i'll give it till Friday.. hehe!

Thanks Roscoe!


Works a treat!

Works a treat!

Cute idea

Just emails files though, which is not that hard to do yourself, or am I missing something?

This has been done before - Methinks

I will look at one of my machine's in the office. I am sure I downloaded something that will do this before christmas. Haven't tried it yet. Will post later if I can find it.

It has indeed been done befor

It has indeed been done before, there was a tutorial that floated around shortly after Gmail (And the unix/linux GmailFS) became a full blown meme. It involved mapping a network drive, and was probably less polished than the enGadget one, but its not revolutionary in its idea, it was just given a larger audience.

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