Yahoo! - 10yrs Old Today!

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Yahoo, Ten Years!
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Yep, Yahoo! is 10yrs old today, ahh... makes you think of scabby knees and catapults no? (jumpers for goalposts...)

I've linked to Battelle's post, mainly as i've half inched his nice picture, and maybe he wont beat me up now heh..

Also see Gary's Remembering the early days

I recall my first experience with Yahoo! It was actually my very first experience on the web - a friend told me how to get to and type in <insert adult phrase here> into the searchbox - it took me several attempts to work out what was going on, and i remember thinking that it was actually some kind of secret code word i was typing in, as surely the kind of material i was getting returned was not normal?



free ice cream

Ice Cream - and I though Jerry Yang was going to sell of his shares at 1995 prices - oh well

Free Ice cream

Sort of wonder how the free ice cream promotion will go. Its only valid for today, but virtually impossible to predict in advance what it will cost.

Presumably over a million people are entitled to get the free ice cream

There was the infamous Hoover Free Flights promotion which brought a company to its knees. I am sure that Yahoo can afford this even if everyone claims the ice cream, and maybe Baskin Robbins are paying anyway

what happened to those 2 hoovers

I liked the Hoover promotion. I remember I gave one to a brother, but I am buggered if I can remember what I did with the other one. Hmmmm must have a dig round the attic in Scotland when I get there - when DaveN is not looking.

Who needs a Hoover now when you can get the Dyson that will suck the semen right out of your body, so I have heard!

But to get back on track..... Happy Birthday to all Yahoo!s


I'm always looking :)


Free Ice Cream

yes the offer is valid for only one day. According to them there are 3,423 outlets nationwide, and each outlet is limited to 300 cones. So they could be buying a maximum of 1,026,900 ice cream cones.

You have to have a myYahoo account or create one to get the coupon. When you printed it has your name all over it so multiple copies of the same coupon won't work.

I give 'em credit for trying something different.

check out the front page of y

check out the front page of has a link to what Yahoo looked like 10 years ago:

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