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Freelance Event Blogging and Photography for Hire
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I was talking to a friend on IM who was wondering why I wasn't at SES NYC and he said that perhaps his company should have sponsored Threadwatch's attendance - this got me thinking that maybe that's not such a bad idea for future events?

  • Company gets logo on posts
  • Threadwatch blogs the event
  • I get lagered up for free - everyone's a winner!

Then 2 days later, i get chatting with Kris Krug who is also thinking about event blogging. Kris' idea is to have companies pay him to blog their events for them.

I don't think that's quite the way forward, i thought maybe he should set up a site and become known as a destination for event blogging, just show up to the events he thinks worthy, possibly with sponsorship rather than get the event organisers themselves to finance the gig.

Whaddaya think?


Good idea

Sponsor TW attendance.. or sponsor Nicks attendance? Either is fine by me (reading the write up would be next best thing to being there) but wouldn't it be great if they sponsored ALL of us to attend? (can dream) ;O)

who's the chick?

someone you have blogged ? :)

Gillian Gunson

A Vancouverite blogger, nice blog and great photo :O)


Where's her blog? I have the overwhelming desire to add her site to my rss....



It's a pretty good read actually, low on news, high on real-person-with-a-real-voice style entertainment like blogs used to be (journals we called them back then, had to walk uphill in the snow both ways and eat gravel too, heh)

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