Xanga needs spam help


Xanga are having problems with spam overloading their servers:


While they seem clueless about how to tackle the issue of spam (hint: hidden fields for bots, custom questions, block spam IPs) the one nice part of it is they are *asking* their members if it's okay to make changes.

Quite a refreshing difference to other companies who just ram through any changes they think will make them more efficient (hint: Google, we really don't give a shit about Google+, so enough already).

Maybe someone here will be kind enough to let the Xanga people know what to do. Or, alternatively, stop pinging them quite so hard. ;)



Yup, those spam

Yup, those spam summits worked really well...

Good point Jason, I thought

Good point Jason, I thought Matt Mullenweg solved all this with the rel="nofollow" tag?

facebook connect

facebook connect for logins. solves 99% of spam problems.

yes, requiring a facebook account kind of sucks... but they have spam combating down to a science.

utilize their resources. dont waste your own time.

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