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Blogs A Wildly Popular Topic at Search Engine Strategies NYC
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B.L. Ochman reporting on the interest in Blogs at SES NYC:

Anything to do with blogs is turning out to be wildly popular at the Search Engine Strategies Show in New York. The level is very basic -- what is a blog is still (arggh!) the big question.

Many big companies, who seem to operate in their own time zone, are finally waking up to the fact that blogs are a valuable marketing tool. Of course, they won't be valuable for long if everyone and her dog starts one.

Er.. eveyone has started one! hehe... She's wrong there, like everything else, the 80/20 rule will prevail.

Ms Ochman, a blog is a website ya know? Same rules apply...



I've just noticed that B.L. Ochman is most likely a Ms, not Mr hehe..

Got a point with...

..this remark

It bears repeating that blogs are NOT for everyone. Blogs are hard work to maintain in the long run. They are time and writing intensive. They need to be opionated and daring to develop a loyal following. If you need three layers of approval for a press release, don't even think about starting a blog!

And this is apparently she

Blogger and corporate blog strategist, Internet and Outernet marketing conduit, and sought-after corporate speaker B.L. Ochman

She's got more than a point

I think she's bang on the money (except that they will lose value)...

I just got an email slapping my wrist for gettting the gender wrong, i am sorry, it wasn't on purpose! :)

I was talking to a friend last night who (and i loosely paraphrase) "has gone from spammng pill sites, to building blogs" - i'd not bet large amounts of money on it yet, but my bet is that she's on the money too, I know it's where im headed right now...

And yeah, they take an enormous amount of work..

>amount of work

There was a comment on Battelle's site (made by some media pundit as I recall) that I've searched for 3 times now and just could not find. The larger/better quote was on the pundit's own site and went something along the lines of

"blogs combine the drudgery of producing a daily newspaper column with the deadlines and pressures of radio" (that doesn't seem right, lacks the bite the original quote had, but you get the idea.)

I still...

...don't see the real difference between a blog and a "Hey look at me" site, except that the former has the benefit of software taking the coding out of the blogging... Maybe the shed need to code makes room for a bit of quality... Could that be it??

I update my site several times a week. Maybe I should rename it a blog and ride the wave ;-)

Will Blogs Still Matter When Everyone Has One?

Nick at ThreadWatch has a post about the enormous interest in Blogs at the current SES conference in New York. I get questions every day from people asking me how to use blogs to optimize their search engine ranking. I...

It's not about format

Blogging is to web sites as journalism is to paper.

You've just gotta love to write. There's no easy way :)

Blogs heve yet to be explained

I did not really know what a blog was until about 30 days after actually running a blog. Many people equate blogs to ease of journalism and a website that updates frequently, which is true, but for the most part barely grasp the idea of rss feeds, pings, trackback, and pingbacks for instance. The true power of blogs has yet to be explained to a broader audience.

In addition to a lack of understanding of blogs then there is the complete mystification of blog search services like daypop, technoratti, blogdigger, feedster, or bloglines search for instance. I am confident I can get a pair of eye-balls to pop out each day followed by a deer in the headlights look each time I demonstrate a feed feedster search in conjuntion with registering the resulting rss feed in bloglines for monitoring when showing other software colleagues or friends.

a lot of work indeed

"they take an enormous amount of work.."

yup, bulls-eye.

SES Blog Session

Barry just wrote up the SES blog session Here's the important quote i think:

Success can come quickly for a blog. She says that you need to plan you blog for power. Add fresh and quality content often. Remember to give and receive links freely.

This is mostly why SEO's don't get it heh...

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