MSN to Sponsor Ad Research Foundation

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Microsoft Strikes 10-Year Deal With ARF, MSN to Underwrite Ad Research, Awards
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Mediapost is reporting that MSN is to sponsor the influential Advertising Research Foundation program:

MICROSOFT AND THE ADVERTISING RESEARCH Foundation (ARF) this week will unveil an unprecedented 10-year partnership agreement to underwrite and expand an influential advertising research awards program, OnlineMediaDaily has learned. The announcement--which is expected to be made during the American Association of Advertising Agencies Media Conference and Trade Show in New Orleans this week--will include MSN's sponsorship of the Ogilvy Awards, an annual awards program named after ad legend David Ogilvy that acknowledges major research breakthroughs developed by marketers, agencies, and the media each year.

MSN making a a pretty big play im thinking, gotta wait til more knowledgable ad folks comment on that to get the full skinny though...