An example of Google's continuing irrelevant results


As a user I've been finding Google's search results to be increasingly irrelevant, but I've never really been able to put my finger on it.

Today, while running a search for "broadband deals" in the UK results filter, I found page upon page just displaying the same sites, and thought I'd catalogue the results to demonstrate.

Here's the search.

Here are the results in a spreadsheet:

In the first 100 results in Google, only 28 domains are unique.

And only 5 domains dominate nearly two-thirds of Google's Top 100 results.

The website that ranks 5th on the first page is listed another 16 times in the next 10 pages.

Here are the domains, showing how many times they are listed:

Google, I think you have a problem.

Google, I think you have a problem.

Google, I think you have a problem.

Google, I think you have a problem.

Google, I think you have a problem.

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This is really interesting. So a good page will get you one ranking while a good content strategy can get you dozens of rankings.

Spotted similar

I discoverved something similar today when searching for school rankings nsw. The top 7 page one results from one website.

I don't see one site

I don't see one site dominating page on those results - however, looking through the additional pages it quickly becomes clear that,,, and, all completely dominate the results.

It used to be the case that Google claimed to index tens of billions of pages and ranked every website it could find accordingly.

Now all I find on Google are the same domains used as backfill. It's as if Google is no longer able to index the web. No wonder I'm finding it less and less useful.

I wonder if the results might

I wonder if the results might be related to the new Panda update announced.

Ironically, before that's settled down, it appears that Google are testing 3 different UI's.

Google, slow down - stop letting your staff justify their salaries by making pointless adjustments. Tiny tweaks do not make Google more relevant, but every time Google moves too fast, people lose their jobs and businesses die. 

Are we veiwing the motivation

Are we veiwing the motivation for these sorts of moves as "improving relevancy" or through the lens of "sewing up a closed ecosystem"?

They make sense if we view this stuff through the latter lens, but not so much through the former.

Fuck me. Just ran a search

Fuck me. Just ran a search for "daily search volume on Google" - on

1st result is in French. 2nd in German. 3rd is in Dutch.

Google, WTF? Evidence presented m'lud. Google is broken. Again.

Btw, I notice Google give percentages on the level of disruption, intended to show minimal disruption. I wonder what that is in real figures?

ADDED: Lol! First four results are different language versions of Google Trends. First non-Google domain result is from - an empty page! Well, except for the big Adsense ad made to look like the answer to me search!!

ADDED 2: Finding it difficult to find information on the number of Google searches per day - but searching for how many searches on google per day shows an doorway page at No.3

Am giving up on this - Google is too broken to use. :D

And it continues.My dog met

And it continues.

My dog met one of its litter sisters yesterday on the beach. It's name is Breagr, I think, which is a Celtic name. I search on Google, and the first result is another empty page. This is the sort of thing Google crowed about filtering out of its index years ago.

EDIT: My bad, mis-spelled it. It's actually Breagh. Google insists on displaying a big ad for some hairdresser's in Strathclyde. You couldn't make this shit up!

I write epic fantasy and want to buy some mediaeval arms and armour as research. I search for 2H sword to buy, and I get a first page filled with entries for "". It's not relevant and it's not even a fecking UK site. So I put the UK filter on. And then get a full page filled with pages offering to sell me runecsape gold.

I try and narrow my search - I'm looking for a two-handed Claymore design, so I Google for a Scottish 2H Claymore - first result is a blog tag full of random content scraped from eBay.

Google: WTF???

So I ran a search for

So I ran a search for telephones on Google UK.

Interesting to see Sainburys, Homebase, and Next are now on the first page - strange latest update thinks a supermarket, DIY store, and clothing catalogue, should suddenly be leading telephone suppliers when they were not ranked so high before.

Even funnier, on page 2 at No.11 on Google is the Royal National Institute for the Blind, which is now ranking very strong for generic telephone keywords.

Ok, perhaps someone will argue accessibilty is suddenly a new concern with Google, so let's look at No.12 for "telephones" ... and it's a staff-only page at Newcastle University's Core IT Services.

I think it's been a couple of years since I last saw such an obviously broken update.

Is there something screwy

Is there something screwy with Google's language filters?

I just ran a search to see if a set of phones I have for the business are VoIP compatible. Google lists Dutch and Polish websites as references: Gigaset c300 VoIP.

Google's results are proving particularly poor for myself as a user at the moment.

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