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Google Search for "Fuckwit"
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Too funny, the Right Honourable John Prescott get's Googlebombed good and proper...

Go to and type in Fuckwit and hit the "im feeling lucky" button.

How funny is THAT?

Thanks PaulH!


Google accuracy

Nice to see people willing to help improve Google accuracy :)

Me lookin like a two-jags


Blog Spam

So what is spam?

Quoting from RustyBrick, quoting Shari Thurow, quoting Tim Mayer.

search engine spam are pages created deliberately to trick the search engine into offering inappropriate, redundant or poor quality search results.

Whether I agree or not that MrP is or isn't a FW, I think that's a case of pages and links made to game the search engines.

Love and War

Personally I think bloggers have every right to link to JP's page with the anchor text saying what they want.

At the same time I also believe that if blogger's (or other community style sites) invite me to participate on their pages then it is fine for me to place whatever I want there. They may not like the content I offer them at no charge (Content isn't normally free) and as it's their home they can delete it if they don't like it, but ultimately if JP is accepted by G to rank for FW then so can my sites that use similar techniques.

Ultimately this is a search engine problem not a blog community one! The engines decided to use links as a ranking method, bloggers use them for jolly japes and I use them for business.

Pull the other one, it plays jingle bells...

Whereas i agree with your last paragraph Jason, to say that it's your right to blog spam is just inflamatory for the sake or argument.

I dont blame spammers for being spammers, the SE's created this mess, and people will use whatever methods they find most expedient to make large sums of $$$'s - I've even done a small amount of blog bothering myself.

But we both know that it's an anti-social, intrusive nuisense when all is said and done...

In the cold light of day.

I believe the types of spam we are talking about (as there are multiple types of spam by Tim's definition above) is offering content at no charge. I admit that much of the blog spam is crap content, but not all.

When does a marketing spree become a spam run?

If I was to go to lots of sites that allow me to interact with them and drop URLs manually is it spam or grass roots marketing?

If I was to automate the above and spam "on theme" then is there a difference?

Both could be argued as anti social, intrusive and a PITA but if you ask people to join you at a Sunday roast dinner don't moan when they eat all the Yorkshire puddings!

Lets be pragmatic

I remember a post many moons ago at wmw where the poster used the analogy that no one had the right to post billboards advertising their business in some-one elses front garden. To me that analogy falls a bit short.

A closer analogy would be putting up a billboard in your own front garden on which you post your thoughts for all to see.
Then you put up a message inviting passers by to post their thoughts too. Would you be surprised if some local businesses started posting up adverts?

Yes its antisocial and not a particularly nice thing to do,
but we all have to live in the real world, why should bloggers be any different? From a purely pragmatic point of view, bloggers should take responsibility for their own sites.

If you put up a live webserver without the knowledge to secure it properly, there's a good chance it will get hacked.
Vilifying crackers won't fix the server, neither will blaming the software provider. Regardless of who's to blame, you need to learn enough about security to try to stop it happening again.

I don't quite see the argument that blames the search engines either.
Yes, its come about because of the way their algorithms work, but I'm not convinced that makes them responsible for the problem. Feel free to change my mind on that...

>don't moan when they eat all the Yorkshire puddings!
Actually thats probably my favourite analogy so far, mainly because it mentions Yorkshire puddings. mmmm.

I don't like the term they've chosen though...

...for obvious reasons :-?

Fuckwit was bad planning

If they had used a printable (in terms of newspapers) term this would have gotten a whole lot of press. It is the sort of things that news editors are looking for to fill spaces just before putting the pub to bed.

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