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File this under one to watch

I've tried to contact the people behind //tagsy but so far no joy. It appears to be a Firefox extention, or perhaps an advanced del.icio.us with a FF extention. Check out the blurb:

tagsy is a social bookmarks and feed management service, allowing you to save, categorize and browse information based on its popularity and relevance. It was born out of our frustration with fragmentation of content between various blog feeds, feed aggregators, social bookmark managers and other content aggregating services.

tagsy's main objective is to centralize content and apply a universal tag-based hierarchy. The best way to do so is to integrate with other tag-enabled services such as Flickr and del.icio.us, adding up a powerful Firefox extension to make it all easy to manage.

It's not done yet, the only reason i know of it is the fact that they have excellent taste in who they link too :)

On a Related Note...

Check out Wists visual bookmarking system. It uses an advanced form of tagging that Steven at Library Stuff has tagged (heh..) as The Next Generation of Open Tagging Systems This from the Wist site:

"Advanced tagging: Wists allows you to create groups of tags, called 'themes', in order to manage large numbers of tags better. For example: to bookmark a Sushi Restaurant in New York you could enter: Restaurant location=ny type=sushi. You can invent as many themes as you like.)"