Bring back the Dinosaur video


Matt, explaining why they don't do away with the TBPR indicator.

An argument that makes little sense. His dinosaur imitation had more substance. Just because "a lot of people use it", Matt? The same could be said of cocaine or pornography.


...and that's why the

...and that's why the providers of cocaine and pornography continue to provide those items. There are two comments on that youtube video that support Matt's reasoning. They both say they check the TBPR before buying something from a site with which they are not familiar. "A lot of people use it" is a pretty damn good reason to keep a feature.

Man I havent looked at G

Man I havent looked at G pagerank toolbar numbers in like 4 years.  Been very happy without it.

Perhaps a TBAR should replace the TBPR

I must admit I started reading here knowing that I wanted the PageRank indicator to be buried.  Then I heard Matt's argument that some people use it to verify the credibility of a website before say making a purchase or taking advice. 

Pursuing that line of thought, I think Google should figure out how to linearize AuthorRank so they could show that via a 10 point scale and have a little thermometer type display.  Wouldn't a Toolbar AuthorRank scale have much more appeal than a Toolbar PageRank as a measure of credibility?

Using a crappy metric gives crappy measurements

@Corey - The fact that a lot of people use it doesn't make it an kind of a reliable metric for telling them what they THINK it does. The problem is, TBPR is enabling so much spam activity that is specifically focused upon TBPR - which a hell of a lot of people (even an alarming number of so-called SEOs) still conflate with PR.

AuthorRank would make more sense, except...

for those instances in which there is more than one author on a site. I suspect that we'll eventually see AuthorRank that can be passed to a site by an author that's published there, and perhaps by an author commenting on a post by another author, as well. I agree it would offer value, at least if it wasn't 2 or 3 months old by the time it displayed.

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