Online Journalism: The Real Bias is to Profitability


Aaron says sharing and caring and it's so true, especially when you share such a killer stuff:

Content Spam.

Online Journalism Infographic by SEO Book

The sources of information are also worth checking out:

 Don't miss the follow-up as well: Aaron Wall looking at Find The Best (the company which seems to get really active, as I got a pitch from them the other dat inviting me to check out their site and blog about it)


Aaron is doing wonders for FTB's traffic :)

but I am not sure it is the kind of traffic FTB actually wants.

Aaron is the man

Aaron is the man when it comes to calling out the "big business" free pass in Google.

Speaking of Aaron, I though he owned this forum. So what's the deal? Someone buy it or has he revived it?

Just wondering who is behind Threadwatch now before I decide if it is worth participating again. I didn't even hear anything about it being back in the game... but Barry has been linking from SEroundtable.

It feels like 2005 again reading threadwatch. lol




yup...we gave the site to Jim Boykin

I already spend most my SEO industry time running SEObook, & Jim promised he would do his best on Threadwatch while keeping the old content archived I was fine with him giving it a push & seeing if he could get it back up and going. He owns the site now.

I think it is harder now to rebuild the critical mass due to there being less blogging & more activity on the broader social sites like Twitter & Facebook. But the site doesn't have to be at the "NickW" level to still be worth checking in on & reading regularly.


Aaron gave Threadwatch to Jim for him to revive the place. The TW footer says that at least :)

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